Show Low, AZ, Petrified Forest National Park, Fort Apache October 2015

Summer and it’s high temps, 105 to 115 degrees, finally came to an end. So with temps in the mid 80’s to low 50’s it was finally time to load up the Beemer and go! Our last trip had been in May, so we were definitely ready to ride. We decided on Show Low, AZ. for a two day getaway.

The route:

A beautiful morning, temps in low 60’s – heading into the sun, east on HWY 74. Let’s get this party started!

 photo 1_zpsrlnwv7kf.jpg

North on I-15, almost to the Camp Verde exit.

 photo 2_zpskbblgx9g.jpg

Riding east on HWY 260 through the pines. We had the road all to ourselves.

 photo 3_zpsfkz6txag.jpg

Time for breakfast at the Early Bird restaurant in Pine, AZ. A nice little “mom & pop” cafe.

 photo 4_zpsh0y1lnpr.jpg

Almost to Payson, AZ. on HWY 260, a nice ride, we have taken this road several times.

 photo 5_zpse55ojv73.jpg

Several nice views on HWY 260 after leaving Payson.

 photo 6_zpse0cagln5.jpg

I always enjoy watching Donna gear up after a butt break!

 photo 7_zpsv8napeja.jpg

Riding on HWY 73 into the Fort Apache Indian reservation.

 photo 8_zpseltgoa5i.jpg

We stopped and toured Fort Apache. The fort is run by the White Mountain Apache tribe and there is a charge to enter. I love old west history and was happy to pay the fee. General Crook’s cabin.

 photo 9_zpsz8pbfelh.jpg

Very spartan for a general, at least by today’s standards. The rest of the cabin had historical displays on the hunt for Geronimo and the treatment he and his Apaches received at the hands of the U.S. government. Not one of our country’s finer moments.

 photo 10_zpslsd1dozg.jpg

The Army deserted the fort in 1922. In 1923 Fort Apache became the Theodore Roosevelt Indian Boarding School, a school run for Indian children. It became a National Historic Landmark in 2012.

 photo 11_zpsuhuj13ay.jpg

One of two large dormitories is still in use today for students at the school. The Fort is somewhat off the beaten path, but well worth the visit.

 photo 12_zpsrxhngwic.jpg

On our way to Show Low, we passed through Pinetop–Lakeside. Several businesses had planted Aspen trees along the road and they were in full color.

 photo 13_zpssuftkban.jpg

As we were going through Pinetop, I smelled something wonderful, and made note to come back and have dinner there.

 photo 13a_zpsa74bjkt1.jpg

We checked into our motel in Show Low, walked down to a Mexican place, had dinner and called it a day.
The next morning we were on the road at 7am, taking HWY 77 north to Holbrook, AZ.

 photo 14_zpsg6potcym.jpg

We had breakfast in Holbrook at this cafe. We had eaten here before on our way to Canyon de Chilly in May.

 photo 15_zpsb4bt8u7r.jpg

Another “Kodak” moment.

 photo 15a_zpsbdajyfr1.jpg

The Painted Desert from Tawa point.

 photo 15b_zpsvujwho7g.jpg

Donna takes a break while I get some pictures, the Park’s visitor center in the back ground.

 photo 15c_zpsaadgkujt.jpg

Chinde Point.

 photo 15d_zps0g9qfmvy.jpg

Definitely not the most picturesque National Park we have been to!

 photo 16_zpsyv9xqwgi.jpg

Jasper forest overlook. Plenty of petrified trees to see here. Very barren desert!

 photo 15g_zpss5kql8ch.jpg

 photo 15e_zpsx7rnzqik.jpg

 photo 15j_zpslkdkhkem.jpg

Almost to the end of the Park, we stopped at the Rainbow Forest gift shop and took a long break.

 photo 17_zpsgnym1blq.jpg

Hard to believe that 230 million years ago this was a living tree, now a beautiful display of colorful quartz. This piece was at the south entrance/ exit at the park outside a gift shop.

 photo 15f_zpsrpr2oi3p.jpg

South on HWY 180, desert, then more desert!

 photo 18_zpsu3bxwzwp.jpg

After making a few wrong turns and driving in circles in Eagar, we finally found HWY 261.

 photo 19_zpspst76m9m.jpg

This would have been a nice ride, going up to almost 9200 feet with some good views of the desert below, but the road was in terrible shape.

 photo 20_zpsjmeg3l7h.jpg

High meadows and a bumpy ride for about 25 miles until the junction with HWY 273.

 photo 21_zps6iqamawb.jpg

Riding north on HWY 273 was exactly the opposite! A very well maintained road with nice wide sweepers, now this was fun!

 photo 22_zpsinermcdc.jpg

And, something we haven’t seen in many years – snow drift fences along the highway!

 photo 23_zpsmwpvlbjs.jpg

After a full day of riding, it was time for some dinner. We stopped at Grumpy Jake’s barbecue (they had the smoker out front that I had smelled) and had some delicious smoked meats & hand made fresh batter dipped onion rings. Oh man, was it good! Then a piece of coconut cream pie, which we split. Perfect dinner after riding.

 photo 24_zpspnoka5s2.jpg

A perfect sunset completed the day!

 photo 25_zpsl37oa65x.jpg

Up & riding early through Show Low. Another perfect morning!

 photo 26_zpsulhfgorx.jpg

I always take Donna to the finest places, breakfast on milk crates at a Circle K!

 photo 27_zpsracnn8ln.jpg

South on HWY 60, again, we had the roads all to ourselves.

 photo 28_zpsknahjmfy.jpg

We stopped and enjoyed the view as we got closer to the Salt River canyon.

 photo 28b_zpso4awgmih.jpg

I’ve had this BMW for almost 23 years, and I still enjoy riding it as much now as the first day I bought it. I am also extremely happy with my new RKA tankbag. The added dashboard works perfectly with my Garmin.

 photo 28a_zpshj4ffu53.jpg

Coming into the canyon from the north.

 photo 29_zpsoeb5qdy7.jpg

We stopped at the rest area at the bottom of the canyon and took a long break and just enjoyed the views.

 photo 30_zpsxxtki65m.jpg

I walked out on the old roadway bridge:

 photo 31_zpsikieb5kr.jpg

And took these.

 photo 31a_zps9wyp9yob.jpg

 photo 31b_zpsek790h7d.jpg

 photo 31d_zpszu02dxdv.jpg

The end of the road!

 photo 31c_zpsyrl2qgoa.jpg

Donna & I took pictures of each other at the same moment – how scary is that?

 photo 31e_zpsctursha2.jpg

Back in the saddle, going up out of the canyon.

 photo 32_zpsjrqomzho.jpg

Why we ride!

 photo 33_zpso6mkr9y9.jpg

More nice scenery coming out of Globe west on HWY 60.

 photo 34_zpsw1ggxepd.jpg

Out of the mountains and back into the desert valley floor. It warmed up fast!

 photo 36_zpsmv9sdkhq.jpg

Back in the big city!

 photo 37_zpstmbtvgxw.jpg

Through the tunnel on I-10. Not much traffic on a Sunday afternoon. Love those HOV lanes!

 photo 38_zpsbjx1xslw.jpg

We stopped in Surprise and had some Chinese buffet, then back on HWY 60 to Wickenburg.

 photo 39_zpszgwgskpg.jpg

Almost in the driveway.

 photo 40_zpsy54xvcoc.jpg

Of course, my frosty adult beverage after another successful trip!

 photo 41_zpstrtnrwak.jpg

Donna took 354 pictures
I took 48 pictures

Total miles – 854
Total gas used – 15.91 gallons
Total spent on gas – $42.68
MPG average – 53.1

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