Canyon de Chelly & Hubble Trading Post May 2015

I had another three day weekend approaching and decided to surprise Donna with a trip to the Canyon de Chelly National Monument. I always take a look at the ten day forcast and it looked like a good time to go, with the forecast calling for temp’s in the mid sixty’s and sunny skies – perfect riding weather, so I made motel reservations in Chinle, AZ. and began counting down the days. I checked the forecast about four days before we left and learned that a big cold front would settle over that area, the forecast now called for a very windy Friday, cloudy and possible showers through Sunday. I was not too happy about that, but I decided we would go anyway.

The route:

It was in the low 50’s when we left & a little hazy, east on HWY 74, into the sunrise.

 photo 1_zpskkjhfodf.jpg

Our first and only construction delay on HWY 74 just west of I-17. About 15 minutes.

 photo 2_zpsteet9hh0.jpg

We stopped for gas and then north on I-17. A few clouds but nothing serious.

 photo 3_zpsgdpxybfx.jpg

East on HWY 260, going up, nice sweepers, a fun road to ride!

 photo 4_zpsi8qqebxy.jpg

Riding through the pines of the Coconino National Forest. on HWY 87. We were up over 7000 feet, it was noticeably cooler, in the upper 40’s. Thank goodness for heated grips!

 photo 5_zps3ks8rlkh.jpg

Out of the trees and across high desert plains, not much to look at. The wind was blowing hard, but it was blowing with us, so I hardly noticed it.

 photo 6_zpsifdohvtt.jpg

We stopped in Winslow for gas, the wind was blowing about 30 mph, and the gust were really blowing. We would now be riding across the wind & the gusts. I told Donna, this would not be fun.
Like most motorcyclists, we have ridden in rain, sleet, hail and even snow on a few rare occasions, but riding in a strong crosswind is the absolute worst, at least for me. The next 34 miles on I-40 to Holbook were as bad as I can remember riding in. Passing a slow moving 18 wheeler was a real terror, as the wind while passing next to the truck was blowing us right, then as you passed the front of the tractor, the wind sent us left towards the mediun. I’m sure my heart rate was in the 100’s and my hands had a death grip on the handlebars & throttle! Donna was not able to take any pictures on I-40.

We made it to Holbrook, I was definitly ready for a break! We had a good breakfast at this cool RT66 diner.

 photo 7_zpsfpbji6nb.jpg

 photo 7a_zpshqvlc6wi.jpg

The next 41 miles on I-40 were not as bad, we had some crosswinds, but nothing like before. We turned north on HWY 191, the wind was now blowing with us, so it wasn’t too bad.

 photo 8_zpssrf0tjbq.jpg

The clouds did not look good to the east!

 photo 9_zpsimxbcgrv.jpg

Almost to Chinle.

 photo 10_zpssesoevkl.jpg

 photo 11_zpsi5xxvh8o.jpg

We checked into our motel, then decided that the weather was just to risky. We had dinner & called it a day.

Saturday wasn’t much better, but we started with the northern drive. My first photo at the Antelope House overlook wasn’t of the canyon, just the desert colors.

 photo 11a_zpsv9qnifzk.jpg

Donna couldn’t wait to see the canyon, off she went.

 photo 11b_zpsg8o0b4hu.jpg

My first shot of the canyon.

11as photo 11c_zpsbrjod1rj_1.jpg

Anasazi ruins in the bottom cliffs.

 photo 12_zpse38q3dde.jpg

The Navajo still live & farm in the canyon.

 photo 11k_zpsbmlujlpy.jpg

Juniper trees, to me at least, have character.

 photo 11e_zpsswivois1.jpg

A splash of real Prickly pear red cactus flowers.

 photo 11g_zpsjfmvdbyb.jpg

 photo 11h_zpsy7bz6uke.jpg

Donna says – come over here & check this out!

 photo 12a_zps5dot5nyr.jpg

Low clouds start to fill the canyons.

 photo 13_zpsniqacqv8.jpg

Getting a big Juniper tree at the Massacre Cave overlook.

 photo 15_zpste4yyajk.jpg

That big Juniper!

 photo 15a_zpsqokedvf3.jpg

 photo 15b_zpsxhfmfjvj.jpg

I walked down to a different overlook.

 photo 16_zpsztnapeqx.jpg

The canyon from the same overlook. The overcast sky is washed out, but still a good shot.

 photo 16t_zpsfu2domuu.jpg

Yep, we are having fun now!

 photo 14_zpsbvmvhlpq.jpg

As we packed up to leave, it started to snow. I was like – Really!

 photo 17_zpslz7fjrhz.jpg

The dark clouds were rolling, so we decided to head back to the motel. We did get sprinkled on, but most of this cloud burst stayed north of us.

 photo 18_zpsmmetvepg.jpg

We stopped at the visitor center, added another magnet for our collection. We decided to go on back to the motel, as those dark rain clouds behind Donna is where the southern drive to Spider Rock is.

 photo 19_zpshvbhai3g.jpg

After a short nap for me and lunch for Donna we went to the White House overlook.

 photo 15d_zpszvg83aei.jpg

Donna got a good shot of the ruins.

 photo 20_zpsemuxuy58.jpg

The Junction overlook.

 photo 15e_zpsudno4gbw.jpg

This is as close to the edge as I wanted to get, no barriers and a straight shot to the bottom.

 photo 21_zpsze4uvrvf.jpg

 photo 22_zpsgm3xiudm.jpg

A vehicle driving through the Chinle wash.

 photo 15f_zps8upmc6ut.jpg

Donna strikes a pose!

 photo 24_zpsfkgnyrp9.jpg

The weather hadn’t cleared, but we had to get to Spider Rock.

 photo 25_zpsafqlkzvc.jpg

It was worth it! We spent over an hour at the overlook, waiting for the sun. It made a very brief appearance. Note: at several of the overlooks, we kept our helmets on, mainly because it was easier and the wind was blowing & it was somewhat chilly!
 photo 27_zpsyqwh32jd.jpg

Several different shots with the ever changing cloud cover.

 photo 27a_zpsbpm06rda.jpg

 photo 27b_zpstgh2dzn6.jpg

My favorite.

 photo 27c_zpsgzbdigrt.jpg

We would have stayed longer but it began to hail and a very dark cloud was staying right over us, so we packed it in.

 photo 28_zpseigsbvdx.jpg

It hailed and snowed on us for about two miles, then cleared a bit.

 photo 29_zpsilbnl5ok.jpg

It wasn’t too bad and cleared by the time we got back to the entrance, had to get this Kodak moment!

 photo 28a_zps7sngjtps.jpg

Sunday morning, we had to start heading back, so of course, the weather was perfect!

 photo 30_zps06lmck2v.jpg

More wide open spaces.

 photo 31_zpsg6geincz.jpg

Our next stop was at the Hubble Trading Post in Ganado. I really enjoy old west history!

 photo 32_zpsomgswj1l.jpg

A big building.

 photo 32k_zpsqiljmftm.jpg

We had some time before the Hubble house tour, so we stuck our heads in the barn.

 photo 32a_zpsceeyozls.jpg

How about a cross country tour in the late 1800’s in this!

 photo 32b_zpsxpnjhyut.jpg

The trading post. According to our tour guide, all the sandstone was cut on site, the big timber beams came by wagon from New Mexico. Most of the actual building was done by Navajo craftsmen hired by Mr. Hubble.

 photo 32c_zpsrab5ngqe.jpg

Inside, still an active trading post.

 photo 32d_zpspxw0mlhp.jpg

As a drinker of fine coffee, this really caught my eye. I really wanted to buy a pound, but the bike was fully loaded. Might have to buy some online.

 photo 32e_zps0x3xykdm.jpg

Couple of interesting items in the trading post.

 photo 32f_zpslzbzvkpa.jpg

A gun rack of history! A Sharp’s 50 calibur and several Winchester’s along with others I did not recognize.

 photo 32h_zpsapwwqrp9.jpg

The famous Navajo rugs, woven by hand. Takes about 5 months to do one rug, working on it 32 hours a week. The Hubble Trading post really put these rugs into the mainstream by trading with the Navajo’s.

 photo 32g_zpsrz0zhzvq.jpg

The Hubble house tour was $2 each, money well spent. Inside the home. The Hubble’s were very big into native art, the house was filled with native paintings & woven baskets adorned the ceiling.

 photo 32l_zpsm0gscgra.jpg

The home entertainment center.

 photo 32m_zpsiib70kop.jpg

This was the most fascinating to me – the book collection. No TV, or internet back then, so reading was the way to pass the time. I could not use the flash inside the home, so some of the titles are a little blurry.

 photo 32n_zps15y0tnho.jpg

 photo 32p_zpslvbo4fcp.jpg

 photo 32q_zpshcsf1wkl.jpg

Mr. Hubble was good friends with Teddy Roosevelt, he stayed in this bedroom when he came to visit.

 photo 32o_zpslfzbgzkm.jpg

The dinner bell.

 photo 32r_zpsbdnmh43w.jpg

The bunkhouse.

 photo 32t_zpss1amvo4j.jpg

The tour took an hour, fasinating history!

We took a different route back, but still had to go through Holbrook, so we stopped and had lunch at this diner, Mr. Maestas.

 photo 33_zpszpcm6w97.jpg

They had a great collection of RT66 items from that era.

 photo 33a_zpslzxk61pb.jpg

 photo 33b_zpsblnkob1y.jpg

South on HWY 377.

 photo 34_zpsth8fznjd.jpg

HWY 260, going through the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, about 7300 feet, still very chilly.

 photo 35_zpsieudvsnm.jpg

After going through Forest Lakes estates, HWY 260 turned into a very nice four lane highway, with nice views off to the south.

 photo 35a_zpsixk4frnz.jpg

 photo DSCN9882_zps4l5ucrcj.jpg

Almost to Payson.

 photo 35a_zpsixk4frnz.jpg

HWY 87/260 north out of Payson is a nice ride. We have taken it before.

 photo 36_zpskyye3wcq.jpg

Coming down HWY 260 into Camp Verde.

 photo 38_zpshitnfqwk.jpg

We stopped for gas in Camp Verde, and for the first time on this trip, we were able to take off our winter gear and enjoy some warmth for the rest of the trip home. HWY 60, almost back to Wickenburg.

 photo 39_zpso2zjk39a.jpg

Another fun trip, must be time for a frosty adult beverage!

 photo 40_zpsvu5eoinq.jpg

Even though the weather could have been better, it was still a fun trip. We always enjoy seeing new country. This will be the last ride with my trusty Eclipse tank bag, after 30 years, it is just getting worn out. I plan on getting a new RKA tankbag, we have their luggage for the saddle bags and are very well made.

Donna took 419 pictures
I took 145 pictures

Total miles – 829
Total gas used – 18.51 gallons
Total spent on gas – $58.04
MPG average – 44.7

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