Laughlin River Run April 2015

We had a three day weekend, where to go? The Laughlin River Run seemed like a good choice. We had planned on meeting a friend in Kingman AZ. for breakfast and then spend the night and go to Laughlin, but he had to cancel. So, I decided to take a longer route to Kingman and travel Route 66 from Seligman to Kingman.

The route

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A cloudy, cool day to ride, looked like rain coming into Prescott.

 photo 1_zpsenwh19xh.jpg

It did sprinkle on us just as we got to Prescott, but we missed most of it.

 photo 2_zps2phidcnn.jpg

Still cloudy, but no rain on HWY 89 north bound.

 photo 3_zpsqaky4zix.jpg

Lunch in Seligman at Westside Lilo’s. A great little German owned cafe, we had a huge blooming onion along with our lunch, great place to eat!

 photo 4_zpsbykyedct.jpg

On Route 66, west bound, miles and miles of wide open nothingness!

 photo 5_zps9laq2kwx.jpg

 photo 6_zps5dsczhtf.jpg

Finally, a few curves and some hills!

 photo 7_zpsfxromvcw.jpg

As we were zipping along through Hackberry, AZ., we passed an older building and I noticed some old gas pumps and some people walking around them. I decided we needed to go back and take a look. I’m glad I did – the Hackberry General store.

 photo 8_zpswolmhzzu.jpg

What a fun, cool piece of Americana! According to the lady working inside, this store opened in 1934 and closed when I-40 was opened in 1970. A gentlemen bought the store and had reopened it. A 1957 Corvette, all original, was right by the entrance.

 photo 9_zpsxjphdrii.jpg

 photo 10_zpsaehsggtn.jpg

I spent about a half hour just walking around the outside enjoying the history. 34 cents a gallon….

 photo 11_zpsnhnewzmh.jpg

Model T, need alittle work.

 photo 12a_zpsmnzunwqn.jpg

 photo 12_zpsid4s3owh.jpg

I always take Donna to the finest places….

 photo 13_zpsvgv7zpzs.jpg

 photo 14_zpstpd4f3jb.jpg

Around the back, another classic – a 65 (I believe), Plymouth Sport Fury convertable, all original. What a cool car to cruise down RT 66!

 photo 18_zps48znlvxj.jpg

 photo 18a_zpsrefnbw3p.jpg

The garage was full of old parts and a Chesterfield sign.

 photo 19_zps1ojf1ccl.jpg

 photo 20_zps8yiwnpek.jpg

More pumps with old oil cans.

 photo 21_zpslmmzmkmp.jpg

Time to go inside, and no, I didn’t use the “hippies” side door!

 photo 17_zpsn0sqingw.jpg

Police patches from all the world were on the wall map of RT 66. You can also see the original diner inside.

 photo 15_zpsoyqxptf6.jpg

These signs caught my eye.

 photo 16_zpsnngww48v.jpg

Great place to take a break! Back on RT 66, wind was blowing big dust clouds off in the desert.

 photo 22_zps5d7a5j0t.jpg

A last, long stretch going towards Kingman.

 photo 23_zpsuhg8toej.jpg

After checking in to our motel, we walked down to the Pizza Hut for chicken wings & salad. The next morning, another cloudy day, luckily the wind wasn’t blowing so hard on HWY 68 west bound towards Laughlin.

 photo 24_zpsgq842emw.jpg

I love this rock formation, not sure if it is saying goodbye to Arizona or welcome to Nevada!

 photo 25_zpsiir23hnv.jpg

 photo 25a_zps6glwsae8.jpg

S. Casino Dr in Laughlin.

 photo 26_zps35tp4rip.jpg

We spent a couple of hours just walking around and checking out the vendors. Even though it is mainly a Harley Davidson run, still enjoy just taking in the sights.

 photo 28_zpsxmrx3dtm.jpg

 photo 27_zpsymcuwtpx.jpg

I don’t think I would make the cut for the SOA!

 photo 29_zpsl6b5xofr.jpg

Just one of many “show” bikes, don’t think I’d enjoy touring on it though. After having some ice cream, it was time to head home.

 photo 30_zpsc90yr7mf.jpg

A nice ride back home, never did get rained on.

 photo 31_zpshydc0gkn.jpg

HWY 93

 photo 32_zpsfjt81vsr.jpg

We finished off the weekend riding down to Tempe, AZ. to have lunch and wish grandson Brayden a happy 2nd birthday.

 photo 32a_zps6rq0fwtc.jpg

Yours truly, Brayden, proud papa Steve and photobomber Donna!

 photo 33_zpsmhahpvmf.jpg

There were several thunderstorms in the Phoenix area, but we missed them all!

 photo 34_zpskybrp1vt.jpg

Nice finish to a fun weekend!

 photo 35_zpssfb3vnoc.jpg

Total miles – 585
Total $ for gas – 37.00
MPG – 50

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