Parker, AZ. Day Ride, Sunset Jan 2015

After a couple of weeks of cold temperatures, the weather finally warmed up enough for a day trip. Riding in the desert in the summer can be rather unpleasant, so during the cooler months we will try to get to some places that we want to visit that are just too hot in the summer. Parker, AZ. fit the bill.

The route:

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We hit the road around 11am, just perfect!

 photo 1_zps3246bf69.jpg

Donna is getting to be a real “pro” at taking backseat photos!

 photo 2_zps3c31ef55.jpg

HWY 60, going west bound is long & flat, not much to look at.

 photo 3_zpsb609bfa2.jpg

However, there are several agricultural areas with active farming.

 photo 4_zpsde039467.jpg

Hope, AZ., we turn onto HWY 72. This sign doesn’t lie, that is all there is.

 photo 5_zpsa769f949.jpg

More desert, although I was surprised at the amount of big rig traffic using HWY 72.

 photo 6_zpse8b3bb5c.jpg

Into the town of Parker.

 photo 7_zpsf96cead7.jpg

I was keeping a close eye on the odometer, we rode into CA., turned around and hit this milestone while crossing the Colorado river.

 photo 8_zps6e2a6852.jpg

 photo 9_zps7dbedc58.jpg

Only 35,000 more miles to get my 200,000 mile award. Seriously, who cares? I DO!

We had a quick lunch at Pizza Hut, then back on the road. On I-10, east bound. Love that 75 mph speed limit!

 photo 10_zpsdf0d5bd0.jpg

Back on the Vulture Mine Rd. We took this road a couple of weeks ago.

 photo 11_zps98f9270a.jpg

I noticed several areas that might be good for sunset pictures with the large saguaro cactus that grow there. Our timing looked good to try and get a few shots. We stopped across from the old Vulture Mine around 4:45 and began our wait. Getting out my photography gear. I left on my bright red bandana so Donna could keep track of my location, she kind of worries about me getting lost sometimes!

 photo 12_zps1fb6364f.jpg

Lots of cactus to choose from.

 photo 13_zps86ead0a5.jpg

The old abandoned Vulture mine.

 photo 19_zps523697ca.jpg

Donna keeps track of my location.

 photo 14_zps2b421c6a.jpg

My first shot.

 photo 17_zps176fad3c.jpg

I kept moving around trying to find the “perfect” spot.

 photo 15_zpsa8785327.jpg

The desert colors really start to change as the sun goes down.

 photo 21_zps4aae021a.jpg

Took several shots, but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

 photo 20_zps137f4e83.jpg

 photo 22_zps8da21b70.jpg

 photo 23_zpsd153b340.jpg

 photo 24_zps8d435aea.jpg

I put away the normal 18 – 55 mm lens and put on the 55 – 200 mm lens, the results were much more of what I visualized.

 photo 25_zps5fdb8e14.jpg

 photo 26_zps10d64e51.jpg

I noticed several tarantula holes (actually ,more like hundreds) and started to get a little anxious, I didn’t want any visitors walking around with me at dusk, so I took a few more and packed it in.

 photo 27_zps88adaead.jpg

I also discovered, painfully, that cholla cactus spines will penetrate leather boots. Ouch! I thought I was being careful, but picked up several on my boots and camera case. While I was picking those out, Donna began to call out, thinking I was going to spend the night. She was happy to see me reappear!

 photo 28_zps9393d1c2.jpg

I had everything packed away and was ready to go, but Donna was still taking pictures. I felt like Tony Stark from Ironman, being late, then chiding Colonel Rhodes by saying “waiting on you now”!

 photo 29_zpsbaf3fb6d.jpg

Donna tried some night “moving” shots – I really like the effect!

 photo 30_zpsc0e83061.jpg

Got home well after dark – what a fun way to spend a day!

I’ll be adding some of these photos to the gallery. I ended up taking well over a hundred photos while waiting for the sun to set, thank goodness for digital cameras!

Total miles – 270
No gas stats.

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