A “Boys Only” Ride Labor Day Week 2014

“Boys Only”, this would be my first trip in many years without Donna. I had been invited to ride with four of my good friends from the Wyoming Highway Patrol on their annual Labor Day ride. Donna was invited, but since no other wives were coming, she decided to go to Casper, WY. to visit her son & grand daughters. I left the Patrol in 1999, but had stayed in contact and visited with Tom, Marty, Dave & Jess on many bike trips back through Wyoming, and when they came to Las Vegas. Tom and his wife Jo had taken several trips with us on their Harley. After almost a year in the making, it was finally time to ride!

Donna had to get up and be at the Sky Harbor airport early, so she was on her way around 4am. I had to kill a couple of (long) hours waiting for the sun to come up.

Note: Since Donna would not be my backseat photographer, I would be trying to do two jobs, driving the BMW and doing the pics from the road. I was using a smaller digital camera, but it seemed to work well. There were several times during the trip that I wanted to take photos (Zion National Park, for instance) but could not do it safely and drive. I sure missed my backseat photographer!

The route. NOTE: Google maps “improved” their maps, and the newest version does not support embedding into a blog. So I am using and older version which did not allow me to put in the last two destinations, but I took the same route from Mexican Hat to Wickenburg. You can enlarge the map by right clicking on the VIEW LARGER MAP and opening the link in a new tab.

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The plan was to meet up in Grand junction, CO. on August 28th. I decided to leave on the 27th and spend the day around Monument Valley, then spend the night in Mexican Hat, UT.

Finally on the road at 7am. My first attempt at riding & using the camera, north bound on I-17.

 photo 1_zpsea96e374.jpg

As I rode higher in elevation, a few low level clouds, but no rain. It cleared quickly, and I had a beautiful day to ride.

 photo 2_zps2c9cf3eb.jpg

North on HWY 89, adventure beckons!

 photo 2b_zpsc473336c.jpg

Agathla Peak, north of Kayenta, AZ. on HWY 163. A great landmark, letting me know I’m close to Monument Valley.

 photo 2c_zpsbd312c41.jpg

A big thunderstorm east of HWY 163. The only rain on the trip that I saw.

 photo 2c12_zpsf92dc03b.jpg

Monument Valley comes into view, I never tire of this part of the country.

 photo 2e_zpsf4f02e3f.jpg

Monument Valley, one of my favorite places to visit & photograph.

 photo 2c1_zps93a52da4.jpg

 photo 2c2_zps797a1113.jpg

 photo 2c3_zpsce08fd46.jpg

As usual, a lot of visitors. I spent a couple of hours at the new hotel, just sitting outside and enjoying the view & people watching.

 photo 2c5_zps6a9cc514.jpg

On to Mexican Hat, UT., I had a room at the San Juan Inn. Several other groups of bikers where staying there.

 photo 2g_zps5ce055b6.jpg

Some rafters went by on the San Juan river as I was unpacking the bike.

 photo 2f_zps34b45444.jpg

The next morning I received a text from Marty’s brother-in-law, Sam (from Phoenix), letting me know that he was joining in on the ride and was at the same motel. We introduced ourselves over breakfast and then hit the road. I showed him the route I had picked out and away we went.

A perfect day to ride, north on HWY 191.

 photo 2h_zpsfb0cfadb.jpg

We stopped in Monticello, UT. to gas up. A gentlemen pulled up in this Model T, that he had restored. We (Sam is in the orange shirt) spent several minutes with him admiring the car.

 photo 2j_zps6f9ac192.jpg

Just south of our turnoff at La Sal junction, we stopped at “Wilson’s” arch.

 photo 7a_zps17f6d528.jpg

 photo 7_zps8557056c.jpg

HWY 90 in Colorado, all the reasons to ride in one picture!

 photo 2k_zpsc42c288f.jpg

We stopped at this old building in Bedrock, CO. and found some local history. The store was closed in 2011, but was for sale. The owners still lived in an apartment behind the store and had to close due to medical issues. It had been established in 1881.

 photo 2n_zps585b91ff.jpg

 photo 2l_zps741202bd.jpg

 photo 2m_zps5ddceea9.jpg

Even the outdoor facility was chained up!

 photo 2o_zpsa5573c7e.jpg

The small town of Naturita, CO., a good spot for a butt break & gas.

 photo 2p_zps83f255ae.jpg

North bound on HWY 141, my first time on this highway, a perfect road for motorcycles.

 photo 2q_zps5aaf2545.jpg

I will have to bring Donna back for this ride! Wonderful ride along side the San Miguel river.

 photo 2r_zps978af9bf.jpg

A quick stop at the Gateway Canyon general store to check on the location of our Wyoming friends. They were in Rifle, CO., so our timing looked good for meeting up in Grand Junction.

 photo 2s_zps0b91726b.jpg

More canyons on HWY 141, just perfect!

 photo 2t_zpsa14cb305.jpg

Sam & I got a motel, Jess, Tom, Dave and Marty arrived about 15 minutes later. Tom & I joined the Patrol in 1984, Marty & I were roommates for 26 weeks at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in 1986, Dave & I worked together in Evanston, WY. for about 8 years, and Jess (poor man) was my supervisor while I was in the Motor Carrier Division in Evanston. Catching up with them was great, good friends can be apart for years, but it is amazing how easy it is to just act like it was last week. I have been truly blessed to have friends like this!

A little throwback. This what we looked like in 1995 or 1996, Motor Carrier Div., Wyoming Highway Patrol. From left to right, me, Tom, Jess & Dave on the right side. Marty wasn’t in the Motor Carrier Div.

 photo 13fa00e0-db0f-4806-96da-1bb733f09698_zpsb96e61af.jpg

Up and on the road the next morning, trying a “behind me” pic, need a better plan for this!

 photo 15_zps91711815.jpg

On HWY 92, we pulled off to admire the view.

 photo 16a_zps703f87ed.jpg

And took some group photos.

Jess, me, Marty, Dave, & Sam

 photo 16b_zpsd8140d30.jpg

Tom & Jess changed places.

 photo 16b2_zps490d2410.jpg

About face…

 photo 16_zps62c49800.jpg

 photo 17_zps58f06362.jpg

I jumped ahead to get this.

 photo 20_zps96bdf3a4.jpg

I think Marty was enjoying the ride! His Victory is one large motorcycle.

 photo 19_zps42ff572c.jpg

Yours truly at Cochetopa Pass on HWY 114.

 photo 21a_zps1173bcc0.jpg

HWY 114 had some excellent sweepers going up & down, I couldn’t stand it any longer and jumped ahead and got on the throttle. I told everybody it was to get this pic.

 photo 25_zps0b2e371c.jpg

HWY 114, out of the mountains, long & straight.

 photo 22_zpsc99bef0a.jpg

This one turned out a little better….Tom, Dave, Sam, & (you can hardly see him) Jess.

 photo 24_zps5b6e9722.jpg

Sam took care of packing the important stuff!

 photo 26_zps1339a39b.jpg

I went ahead again to get them each on their motorcycles as they passed.

Jess on his BMW 1600 GTL

 photo 8_zps2769b046.jpg

Marty on his Victory

 photo 9_zps6d20babd.jpg

Tom on his Harley

 photo 10_zps14f263e3.jpg

Dave on his Yamaha

 photo 11_zps4555f3bb.jpg

Sam on his Harley

 photo 12_zpsbc409eb2.jpg

We spent the night in Taos, NM. The next morning we did a big circle on HWY 64, stopping to have breakfast near Eagle Nest, then looping back on HWY 38 & 522. Everyone had on their cold weather gear as it was definitely cool that morning.

West bound on HWY 64.

 photo IMG_1797_zps06b357d2.jpg

We spent the night in Farmington, NM.

Only the finest for us…actually, we picked this motel, as it was a very short walk to a Bar-B-Q place we spotted on the way to the Harley shop to get Tom a headlight bulb.

 photo 27a_zpsee96992f.jpg

Our only issue on the entire ride was a burned out headlight. Tom supervised the job, Jess did the work, with an assist from Sam.

 photo 27_zps648ec2c5.jpg

Marty & Dave offer their encouragement!

 photo 28_zps2c204109.jpg

Then a short walk down to eat Bar-B-Q. Another small mishap as Dave walked under too many pigeons & took a direct hit!

 photo 30_zps7ecde57b.jpg

Nobody left hungry, this was some good Bar-B-Q!

 photo 31_zps865dd634.jpg

Then back to the hotel for planning tomorrow’s ride. (and more frosty adult beverages!)

 photo 29_zps9a6ef535.jpg

Gassing up for another fun day of riding.

 photo 32_zpsc6c4750a.jpg

HWY 64, on our way to the “Four Corners”, another perfect day! This road could use some new blacktop, a very bumpy ride.

 photo 33_zpsddefc997.jpg

An attempt at an “artsy” pic.

 photo 34_zps732bdb3c.jpg

Sam, Dave, & Marty with me at the four corner’s marker.

 photo 35_zpsd2c703ec.jpg

Back into the high country on HWY 145 in Colorado.

 photo 36_zpsd5fdbb92.jpg

Going up…

 photo 37_zps25eb6877.jpg

We stopped to get back out some cooler weather gear.

 photo 36a_zps1197a401.jpg

Ouray, CO.

 photo 38_zpsb824727e.jpg

Our plan had been to ride HWY 550, the “Million Dollar Highway” to Durango, but the Labor day weekend traffic made us change the plan. We rode as far as Silverton and turned around. A quick stop to get a picture of the Red mountains.

 photo 38a_zps26f7234c.jpg

Back on HWY 50, heading north.

 photo 39_zpsbccb620d.jpg

We ended the day in Grand Junction, and stayed at the same motel. We walked down to main street and were having a good dinner until a karaoke contest started. The singing was not conducive to eating, so we finished quickly. After dinner, we went into the bar that was right next to the hotel. It wasn’t your typical bar though, we had wandered in on “transgendered dress up karaoke night”. A daily double on karaoke! He shall remain nameless on this blog, but one of us (not me) absolutely rocked the house with his rendition of the Johnny Cash song – Ring of Fire! Then back to the motel for more planning, and frosty adult beverages.

Dave had to head back the next morning for Wyoming, so our group was down to five. I enjoyed the ride Dave!

The next morning, we took HWY 141 south, the same HWY Sam & I took going to Grand Junction on the 28th. We stopped at an old closed down diner, named the 1+1 Diner & Mobil gas station, just north of the Gateway Canyons resort. It still had the red winged horse sign and a what looked like a lighted red winged horse on the building that Mobil used many years ago. It also had a for sale sign in the window.

 photo 40_zpsfc190878.jpg

 photo 41_zps48ea917d.jpg

There was also an old pay phone booth with the coin phone still intact, not many of those left in the era of cell phones.

 photo 42_zpsb6f50ab0.jpg

HWY 141 was just a fantastic ride with great scenery!

 photo 43_zps638620e0.jpg

 photo 44_zpsebaf6605.jpg

We stopped and took some photos of the river & canyon.

 photo 45_zps8c4e65fb.jpg

 photo 46_zpsf23bc8d2.jpg

Jess & I stopped at the next pull-off to read the historical sign.

 photo 47a_zps01513f27.jpg

Parts of the flume were still visible (red arrows). Glad I wasn’t the guy who had to repel down and drill those anchoring positions!

 photo 47_zpsf12902c3.jpg

There was also a couple of what appeared to be wrecked cars at the bottom, no telling how long they had been there.

 photo 48_zpse75fd19b.jpg

Back into Naturita, CO. for gas & a cold drink.

 photo 50_zpsffdf103c.jpg

We stayed on HWY 141 going south.

 photo 51_zps8d5f8705.jpg

Before reaching Monticello, UT., we pulled over to plan our next route. Tom offers no input and waits while his fate is decided! We decided on going to Page, AZ. for the night.

 photo 53_zps4042297d.jpg

Passing several large sunflower farms on HWY 491.

 photo 54_zps87425595.jpg

Coming in from the north towards Mexican Hat, UT. Monument Valley off in the distance.

 photo 55_zps187104f6.jpg

The scene on HWY 163, where Forest Gump “just likes running”!

 photo 56_zpsc0557e63.jpg

Passing Agathla Peak going south on HWY 163.

 photo 57_zps1965e0da.jpg

Lake Powell comes into view, HWY 98.

 photo 58_zpsfe1e6309.jpg

After arriving in Page, AZ., we spent some quality time at the Sunshine laundromat.

 photo 59_zpsb5ca1d24.jpg

We ate dinner at a Mexican place, then back for more frosty adult beverages & route planning.

Up and riding with the sun, we stopped at a view area and took a group pic (sorry we didn’t do this sooner Dave), and enjoyed the view of Lake Powell. Very much like Lake Meade, the lake level was way, way down. Sam had to get back to Phoenix, so he headed south after the picture. Enjoyed the ride Sam, I’m sure I’ll be calling him for some day rides after the weather cools off.

 photo 59a_zpsed63d3b0.jpg

Lake Powell, another perfect morning to ride.

 photo 59b_zps762e753e.jpg

Trying the “behind” pic again on HWY 89, not so good!

 photo 60_zpsf9dd75fc.jpg

So I tried it this way…

 photo 208748be-28c7-4d23-a87c-775e27ad7eab_zpsa8c09af1.jpg

Our next destination was Zion National Park. $12 to get in the park.

 photo 62_zps28158e19.jpg

I was not able to get any pictures riding on HWY 9, but Jess did, so I am adding them in. Thanks Jess!

Me, Marty & Tom

 photo 63a_zpsbe337a90.jpg

There is a long tunnel on HWY 9, man, was it get dark in there!

 photo 64a_zps21d33543.jpg

More beautiful country to ride in!

 photo 64b_zpsf952ba76.jpg

We did not get to ride into the main part of Zion, there is a vehicle restriction until October, the only way in is to catch a shuttle at the visitor center, we didn’t want to spend the day doing that, so we pressed on to Bryce National Park.

We jumped on I-15 up to Cedar City (our only interstate for the trip), then onto HWY 14 east.

 photo 63_zps15aacce5.jpg

We stopped at Ruby’s near the entrance to Bryce Canyon and took a break. This area has really built up in the last couple of years, with several new motels and restaurants. We decided not to go into the Park, and set our sights on Torrey, UT.

HWY 12, through the desert.

 photo 64_zpsd9c9fcff.jpg

Hwy 12 then goes red!

 photo 65_zpse2421193.jpg

Following Tom, man, oh man – what fun!

 photo 66_zpse920c590.jpg

HWY 12 then goes up, a nice view from a pullout.

 photo 68_zps44c67492.jpg

Even the bikes look better at altitude.

 photo 68a2_zpsdc9c5a85.jpg

Planning & adult beverages, a great way to spend an evening! I also learned that Donna’s flight for that day had been canceled, so she would be flying home on Wednesday.

 photo 69_zpse0d9f45b.jpg

Morning sun on the desert red, HWY 24.

 photo 70_zps73dabee5.jpg

We stopped and checked out the petroglyphs on HWY 24.

 photo 71_zps07b1b9dd.jpg

 photo 71b_zpsb1c8bea0.jpg

This view caught my eye. I should have taken my Nikon out and got this, but it was time to ride. Another place to bring Donna.

 photo 72_zpsc5635f58.jpg

We stopped in Hanksville to take a break, I should have gone into the “Hollow Mountain” store. Cool idea, putting your convenience store in a cave!

 photo 73_zpsf6cf839d.jpg

I found this odd, there was a house boat lot and repair place there, 40 miles from Lake Powell.

 photo 74_zps8f3b40f3.jpg

Our plan was to take a ferry across Lake Powell from the Bullfrog Marina on HWY 276 to the south side of the lake and then continue on HWY 276. We passed a Utah DOT sign on HWY 95 that advised that the ferry was open & running. So we took HWY 276 south to Bullfrog. A great motorcycle road with great up & down sweepers and no traffic, and in very good condition.

 photo 75_zpsa5a2ecce.jpg

When we arrived at the Park Service booth to get into the Lake Powell recreation area, the Park Ranger told us the ferry was not in operation. The UDOT (Utah DOT) knew the boat was not operating, but left the sign on. The cause was a broken motor, which the owner thought that UDOT should pay for and UDOT thinking the owner should repair. A perfect storm of government/ private enterprise partnership, bureaucracies gone mad! Hey UDOT – turn off the blinking highway sign that says “ferry open”! Freaking Meow! Oh well, at least we had a fun ride back to HWY 95, but still 60 miles out of the way.

 photo 77_zps6a57b9e2.jpg

It was time for me to head back home, so I said my good – byes and said we would have to do this again. I turned off on HWY 261 south towards Mexican Hat. The guys continued on HWY 95. I missed being part of this photo later that evening, Jess, Tom, & Marty.

 photo 44_zpsa4ab7d01.jpg

I was enjoying the ride until I came to this!

 photo 78_zps7d7726b9.jpg

 photo 79_zpse691af8f.jpg

I had completely forgot that the HWY 261 pavements ends and that unless I wanted to go back about 80 miles out of the way, I would again (Donna & I went down this before, not a fun thing on a K bike) have to go down the Moki Dugway! 1100 feet down on gravel, graded switchbacks.

 photo moki-20050903-1193m_zpsf69f3555.jpg

I rode down in neutral and was very happy to put this view in my rear view mirror. Arrow denotes the approximate area where you start down. I have HWY 261 burned into my memory, never take that highway again!

 photo 80_zpsf4657e34.jpg

A quick stop in Mexican Hat for gas & a cold drink. I called Donna, who had just arrived at the Phoenix airport. I convinced her to meet me in Flagstaff and enjoy my last evening on this trip.
One more view on Gump’s run.

 photo 81_zps571d2571.jpg

A large cloud on HWY 160, as I got closer to Tuba City, I could see it was from a fire west of HWY 89. Looked like it was coming from near the North Grand Canyon area.

 photo 83_zps94308ea7.jpg

I probably could have made it home, but I just didn’t want this trip to end! Donna met me in Flagstaff and we had a good Chinese dinner and shared our vacation experiences.

The next morning, heading home on I-17, a large storm was to the west of me, caught this, no rain on the interstate though.

 photo 84_zpsa044372a.jpg

We stopped at a rest area on I-17, I had to get Donna in one picture.

 photo 85_zps3038a522.jpg

HWY 74, almost home.

 photo 86_zps9feed9ed.jpg

A favorite tradition, a cold “made it home” frosty adult beverage!

 photo 87_zps0df62def.jpg

A few thoughts on this trip. I really missed my backseat photographer. Once I got the hang of it, using the cruise control (thanks again Drake) made it much easier to use my right hand to take the pictures.
The weather was absolutely perfect for the entire trip!
I took about 520 pics, I used a about 125 of them.
Usually Donna & I have mapped out the route and made motel reservations before we leave. Making it up as you go was a new & fun way to ride, wherever the road takes us!
Moving to Wickenburg, I had to find a new BMW shop to service the bike before the trip. I found Moto Ghost (an independent BMW shop in Phoenix) and they did an outstanding job getting the old girl ready. Several items had to be replaced after 23 years – fuel & brake lines, and a (it snapped as they were pulling it into the shop) new clutch cable. They had all these parts in stock, so I didn’t have to wait long to get the bike back, and it rode smooth the entire trip, no issues!. That always makes for a better ride.
Catching up with old friends was great, doing it on two wheels was fantastic! I hope we can all do it again. Thanks again Tom, Jess, Marty, & Dave for inviting me along.
I will definitely revisit some of these roads with Donna.

Total miles – 3045
Total gas used – 55.03 gallons
Total spent on gas – $219.50
MPG average – 55.33 (what a difference traveling solo)

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