Southern California/Phoenix Trip May 2014

We finally got a four day weekend. We met our friend Drake (from Seattle) in southern California, then onto Phoenix for a visit with the kids & grand kids.

The route:

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We decided to leave Las Vegas after work and beat the morning traffic. We spent the night in Primm, NV. I don’t get many chances to ride after dark, so this gave me a chance to enjoy the LED lights in the instrument panel that Drake put in a couple of years ago, one of many upgrades he has done for us.

 photo 25a_zps4850d3f4.jpg

Another perfect day to ride as we head for Big Bear, CA.

 photo 25b_zpsed4c4c05.jpg

Fun in 3..2..1

 photo 25c_zps6a169dcc.jpg

Meeting up with Drake on the bridge in Big Bear. He is riding a K75 with a turbo charger he bought earlier in the year.

 photo 25d_zps08094559.jpg

 photo 25e_zps5206d6fe.jpg

Drake always has a good route picked out, and away we go.

 photo 26_zps820129fe.jpg

We stop on Hwy 18 “Rim of The World” for the spectacular view.

 photo 27a_zps22a45d46.jpg

 photo 28_zpsae66f982.jpg

Riding through the little town of Crestline, CA.

 photo 29_zpsd8965a50.jpg

Following Drake. Donna has to be very quick to get a photo of Drake, once we hit the curves, Drake, (who is an excellent rider) disappears quickly.

 photo 30_zps924a540c.jpg

Back on the slab as we ride to Rancho Mirage, CA.

 photo 31_zps48a6bbb5.jpg

Drake took a few of us as we followed.

 photo DSC000734_zps3fc73e6e.jpg

We only had one night in Rancho Mirage, we enjoyed dinner with Drake, then watched a nice sunset.

 photo 32_zpsea5cff23.jpg

Drake has done other upgrades for me in the last couple of years, a cruise control, and a flashing LED light system in my brake light. He didn’t have any to do this trip, the bike is tricked out to tour us into our ‘golden” years! A big “thank you” to Drake! We are already looking forward to our next visit with him.

Up early the next morning for our ride across the desert. I sure enjoy the cruise control Drake installed, I can use my tank bag as an arm rest.

 photo 33_zpsa29278aa.jpg

We stopped at Chiriaco Summit to gas up & get a cold drink. After fueling, I pulled up and parked next to other bikes, who were members of the Hells Angels, who were out enjoying a fine day to ride. Several came over and we talked bikes, asking what year my bike was. I didn’t mention it, but one of them was riding a big new Victory, which surprised me, as I thought they all rode Harley’s. Victory is an American motorcycle, so I guess they can ride them.

 photo 34_zpsb6453f6f.jpg

It did get a little warm riding across the desert, we made a few more stops before Phoenix to cool off. Not much to look at, just keep it pointed east & go.

 photo 35_zps1486daf8.jpg

I love those HOV lanes in Phoenix!

 photo 36_zpsb2667a0f.jpg

A couple of very good reasons to ride across the desert. Grand kids Brayden & Madison. A fun one night visit!

 photo 37_zps7d9b3324.jpg

Riding west on HWY 74

 photo 38_zps1eeef90c.jpg

One of our favorite places for breakfast, the Wikieup Trading Post.

 photo 39_zpsdebe2177.jpg

Across more desert, a welcome sight – Las Vegas & home!

 photo 40_zpse4119966.jpg

Total miles – 981
Total gas used – 20.31 gals
Total spent on gas – $82.49
MPG average – 48.3

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