Death Valley Overnight Trip May 2014

It has been a long break between trips. I changed jobs & careers late in 2012, so I had to start over with vacation and getting time off. So in 2013, I was only able to take one trip, and Donna did not go with me, so I didn’t post a trip report on that trip. It has taken me quite a while to get enough time to blog our trips, so I am somewhat behind. Lots of news to come, but we did manage to get out of Las Vegas for a short overnight trip in May. I’ll start with that one.

The route:

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A perfect morning to ride, past the Red Rock area on Hwy 159.

 photo 42_zps20dc82c2.jpg

Through the little town of Tecopa, CA.

 photo 43_zps8b2a14e9.jpg

Riding in the desert. Nothing to look at, like riding on Mars!

 photo 44_zpsb4c9f58a.jpg

Arriving in the big town of Shoshone, CA.

 photo 45_zps806198ca.jpg

Breakfast stop, we have eaten here before, we always sit outside. Many other bikers were out enjoying the day.

 photo 46_zpsd9261835.jpg

Even though it was the first week in May, it was over 100 degrees already in Death Valley, so we just rode to Furnace Creek and took a break, and then back out to our destination for the day.

 photo 47_zps8baf3cd5.jpg

We stayed at the Longstreet Inn again.

 photo 47a_zpscb382af1.jpg

The Longstreet has a few slot machines, a cafe, and a nice bar. It also has a nice pond behind it, nice place to sit out after a hard days riding and enjoy a frosty adult beverage.

 photo 47b_zpsba2e887e.jpg

 photo 47c_zpsa1590d2a.jpg

 photo 47d_zps9628896b.jpg

No, I didn’t break the mirror.

 photo 48_zps33420d9b.jpg

I’m not sure why, but there is a giant Jersey milk cow next to the Longstreet Inn, makes for a very unusual landmark.

 photo 49_zps84d7ae74.jpg

Donna said “hello” to the resident mule.

 photo 49a_zpsca0f747e.jpg

Being from Las Vegas, I was surprised when I got up early, that the casino & cafe inside is closed all night and did not open until 8am. Thank goodness there was a coffee pot in the room. After breakfast, we headed home, going back through Pahrump, NV. We lived there for a short time after leaving Wyoming in 1999.

 photo 50_zps7c1bdf7e.jpg

Almost back home.

 photo 51_zps2c240c01.jpg

We enjoyed just getting away for one night. Our next trip would be a little longer.

Total miles – 300
I didn’t keep track of the gas since it was just a one day trip.

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