BMW Shop Ride to Oatman, AZ. & Southern CA. ride with Drake. April 2013

I am combining two ride reports again, a BMW shop ride and our visit to southern California with our friend Drake.

First up, our BMW of Las Vegas shop ride to Oatman, AZ.

The route

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A perfect spring day in southern Nevada, on our way to the BMW dealer on I-215, some hot air balloons were going up.

 photo 37_zps45523969.jpg

Once again, our friend Kurt from the BMW dealership, led the ride. We follow him near Lake Mead on our way to Kingman, AZ.

 photo 38-1_zpsf993f2b0.jpg

Hard to believe, but only 6 bikes made the ride, following us down HWY 93.

 photo 39_zps0ac88cac.jpg

First stop was at Mr. D’z Route 66 diner in Kingman.

 photo 40_zps6013c61b.jpg

Then a stop at Cool Springs on Rt. 66, for a group photo. Kurt took a few others – these are all from Kurt.

 photo 41a_zps52a2c7d8.jpg

 photo 41b_zpsabf64785.jpg

 photo 41c_zps18d90350.jpg

 photo 41_zps38c3ac0e.jpg

A few more from Kurt.

 photo 42a_zpsdd195c53.jpg

Here we come!

 photo 40a_zpsd2c0b136.jpg

This part of Rt. 66 is in very bad condition.

 photo 43_zps555aec80.jpg

Road damage and curves made for a slow ride.

 photo 42_zps8a666c58.jpg

We arrived into Oatman first and decided to park at the end of town behind some buildings and avoid the burros. I wanted no part of the burros!

 photo 44a_zps95a6e34a.jpg

Donna & I had visited Oatman before back in May, 2010. We had some difficulty with the “wild” burros. An excerpt from a ride report that I emailed in June of 2010 –

The next day we hopped on the Beemer and rode to a little old Route 66 town called Oatman. It is about 30 miles due east of Laughlin. Their main claim to fame is selling Route 66 stuff and wild burros. By wild I mean they have the run of the town while tourists buy and feed them carrots. So as soon as we started walking the burros come right up to us to see if we have “any” food. The town put on a “real” western shootout, and mentioned the carrots and burros. We visited the hotel where Clark Gable & Carol Lombard spent their honeymoon, and were frequent visitors. We bought a few Route 66 pins. After being assaulted by the “wild” burros again we walked down to the end of town and had a frosty Diet Pepsi. As I was taking a few photo’s of the town, Donna directed my attention to where we had parked the Beemer. A ‘wild’ burro was trying to get, how shall I say, “frisky” with the Beemer. I told Donna – no it’s next to a car and was rubbing it’s throat on the corner of the windshield, then I saw the Beemer begin to rock back & forth – sideways!!! The frosty Diet Pepsi was discarded and I ran to protect my Beemer from being knocked over. Without any regard to my own personal safety the burro and I became locked in a struggle over the virtue of my still upright Beemer. I think the show we were putting on was attracting more tourists than the Wild West Shootout, only this was for real. After several tense minutes, the frisky burro retreated to the middle of the street and glared at me. The only good thing (or bad depending on your taste) was that the burro only had eyes for my Beemer and not the other 20 or so Harleys that were also parked about the town. After catching my breath we packed up the Beemer and said goodbye to Oatman. When we got home and after downloading the pics from our little trip, we noticed I had taken a picture of the burro assaulting the Beemer, take a look inside the red circle, at the Beemer assaulting burro!!

 photo DSC_0360_zpse8ca3ec3.jpg

We did manage to find Paul & Lauren and Rafael. We had a quick lunch in some restaurant, we didn’t get a name.

 photo 44_zps898e014b.jpg

The ride back was through the desert, so, not much to look at. A fun day! Thanks again Kurt & the BMW dealership!

Total miles – 290
No gas stats for the day trip.

 photo 45_zps531a0c72.jpg

We finally were able to get together again with our good friend Drake, while he was in southern CA.

The route

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As is our habit, we were up and riding with the sunrise to avoid the morning rush hour traffic. It was somewhat cool, temps in the low 50’s.

 photo 1_zps75626e27.jpg

South of Primm, NV., in CA., work continues on the big solar project.

 photo 2_zpsbaff9ee5.jpg

It was a perfect day, a little cold going over some passes on I-15, and no, I wasn’t going that fast – my speedometer needles get weird when the sun shines on them directly, my speed according to the Garmin was 72 mph.

 photo 3_zps6707f3d9.jpg

South on HWY 247, more desert!

 photo 4_zps09b4b2a7.jpg

We had planned on meeting Drake in Big Bear, but the temps were still in the 30’s, so we had to settle for Yucca Valley. Nice view of the snow capped mountains though.

 photo 5_zps6f0c5242.jpg

Drake sent us some gps coordinates – a good place to meet.

 photo 6_zps9615e3cb.jpg

After lunch (very good onion rings) we get ready to ride. Drake took us around through the Joshua Tree National Park due to heavy traffic on I-10, plus it was just a great day to ride!

 photo 7_zpsf8ca973f.jpg

 photo 8_zps54beee61.jpg

Donna & Drake taking a break.

 photo 9_zps5b551a29.jpg

We did have some road construction through the Park, about a half hour wait, then through some loose gravel and torn up asphalt.

 photo 10_zps71a58b19.jpg

In Rancho Mirage, a poodle has his own sun roof!

 photo 11_zpsd46755ce.jpg

Lots of palm trees, making Rancho Mirage look like an oasis after the very dry desert ride.

 photo 12_zps1876a809.jpg

Dinner at the “Yard House”.

 photo 13_zps930a2e61.jpg

After dinner, Drake takes my brake light assembly out to install a nice upgrade. Two little LED’s and a flasher unit to be installed. Drake took it home and had it ready to install the next morning.

 photo 14_zpsa26f022d.jpg

Drake did the install, then it was follow the leader, Drake being the leader! The route:

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A picture view

 photo 130418_day_ride_map_zpsd1f87e76.jpg

Going up…

 photo 15_zpse0d40785.jpg

Santa Ysabel, Ca., they were not open, only on weekends or holidays.

 photo 16_zps774859b1.jpg

Still going up.

 photo 17a_zps0af0e963.jpg

Follow the leader!

 photo 17_zps56ce29a6.jpg

Lunch in Julian, according to Drake, this little town fills up on the weekends. A nice locals place with very good food.

 photo 18_zps6abbe4cb.jpg

Thanks to a slow vehicle with a camper, we caught up with Drake for awhile.

 photo 19_zps824b4d36.jpg

Nice green high country to ride through. I-8, off in the distance. Coming down into Pine Valley, CA. Donna & her family lived there when she was a child.
 photo 20-1_zpse51725b5.jpg

Drake snapped a few of us.

 photo 20a_zps15294129.jpg

We rode on I-8 for a few miles, very windy! Fun curves and sweepers though.

 photo 21-1_zps4f6c2780.jpg

Back down to the desert. Part of this ride was following the great southern overland route of 1849.

 photo 22_zpsaacb8df6.jpg

A check point out in the desert, courtesy of the Border Patrol. Waved us right through.

 photo 23_zps521c0dd1.jpg

Not much traffic to worry about. Fun sweepers!

 photo 24_zps65d1477a.jpg

A few switchbacks.

 photo 25_zps86b9b344.jpg

Drake snapped another good one.

 photo 26a_zpsf9779665.jpg

Time for a break.

 photo 26_zpsf82cf261.jpg

Drake’s brake light upgrade, two vertical LED’s, and the main brake light flashes when the brakes are applied.

 photo 27a_zpse2c8e942.jpg

A different kind of CA. landmark, in Ranchita.

 photo 27_zps8a34c7f5.jpg

Drake on his 1993 K1100 LT.

 photo 28_zps248a46fd.jpg

Back through Julian on our way back.

 photo 29_zps8f464f8e.jpg

Stopped at the overlook for Palm Desert, looking down at the “granny knot”.

 photo 31_zpsc401c09b.jpg

There was a herd of mountain desert sheep at the overlook. First time Donna & I had seen these guys up close.

 photo 30_zpsdf5cb4e2.jpg

Back in Rancho Mirage. About 375 miles, curves, sweepers, high country and desert for the day. Thanks again, Drake!

 photo 32_zps30e57cc7.jpg

Drake joined us for breakfast the next morning, then it was off through the desert for home. North on HWY 177.

 photo 33_zps06d741ed.jpg

More dips and a “shoe” fence on HWY 62.

 photo 35_zps863a5989.jpg

 photo 34_zpsc50c37be.jpg

Another nice day to ride, almost home.

 photo 36_zpsbe36849f.jpg

Total miles – 1080
Total gas used – 22.85 gals
Total spent on gas – 99.14
MPG average – 47.26

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