2015 November Patagonia AZ and Organ Pipe National Monument

We had a free night’s stay at the Stage Stop Inn in Patagonia, AZ. that we had to use before the end of the year, so off we went on a two day trip. We had won a silent auction at the 1st BMW Ironhorse rally back in April for the free night.

The route:

 photo Untitled patagonia_zpsfkraaqim.jpg

Note: Mapquest has “improved” their website and it is in the writers opinion – just awful! Bing’s map-site has also changed and will not embed the map without having to click on the “full map”, so I will just be using a screen capture photo from now on. Progress indeed ??

Our first stop was in Phoenix at the MotoGhost BMW shop for a new set of tires and the 6,000 mile oil change. Omar, Geoff, and their technicians have my K bike running better than when it was new! I cannot recommend them enough for their knowledge of “classic K’s”. Nothing against dealer BMW shops, but when the technician is younger than the bike – I get a little nervous. I had Pirelli – Angel GT’s put on.

 photo 1_zpscoi4od65.jpg

A couple of hours later, off we went. I wanted to travel on roads we hadn’t been on, so we took HWY 60 east to Superior. An absolutely perfect day to ride!

 photo 2_zpshxhcysss.jpg

 photo 3_zpssanahvue.jpg

A quick stop for gas & a sandwich in Superior.

 photo 4_zps6d006zwx.jpg

South on HWY 177, a nice ride with some nice wide sweepers.

 photo 5_zpsvptmht4e.jpg

 photo 6_zpsidslt1l2.jpg

 photo 7_zpscgie5wrs.jpg

 photo 8_zpsxtzhp8gs.jpg

At Ray, AZ. a very large open copper pit.

 photo 9_zpsrljbydip.jpg

We could not see the bottom, and there was no place to pull over to look. It is still in operation as we could see the very large dump trucks down in the pit.

 photo 10_zpsv1uzbxhl.jpg

At Hayden, AZ. an oil refinery and a large smelter plant for the copper from the mine at Ray, AZ. It really doesn’t show in the photo, but the one smoke stack was very high!

 photo 11_zpsuanxgy9g.jpg

Almost to Tucson.

 photo 12_zpsh8iojsyl.jpg

It got dark after we gassed up and the temperature dropped into the high 40’s as we covered the last 50 miles to Patagonia, the first time in many years that we rode into the night. My Denali LED lights really light up the night. We arrived right at 7 pm. The hotel was decorated for Halloween, several kids came in for their candy as we checked in. An employee was dressed up as the other figures in the lobby, and was sitting in the (empty center chair in the pic) chair. I didn’t realize he was a live person until he handed out the candy to the kids! I thought he was a prop, and I thanked him profusely for not scaring the crap out of me when I walked by him to check in. I didn’t realize he was a live person until he handed out the candy to the kids!

 photo 13_zpszwdi3c6h.jpg

Lynne and Gerry took very good care of us; also included in our stay was a free dinner at their restaurant, the Wild Horse. We enjoyed a very good Mexican dinner along with (for me) a frosty adult beverage. Gerry informed us that the pool was a cool 65 degrees. Even though no one was using it, I could not convince Donna that we should go “skinny dipping”! Visiting with Gerry the next morning I learned he had a 1984 BMW K100RT and did some riding with the Arizona Beemers club, so we may run into them in the future. Their website – http://www.stagestophotelpatagonia.com/

The next morning was a brisk 40 degrees, so we walked around the park area across from the hotel and took in some of the history of Patagonia. The train depot had been renovated and is now the municipal courthouse. From old photos at the depot, the train tracks had been right in front where the sidewalk is now.

 photo 17_zpssryqrnds.jpg

The only gas station looked to be my kind of place, note the name, but he only had regular gas, so “no sale”!

 photo 16_zpsc7ayzdgm.jpg

Donna strikes a pose at the flagpole.

 photo 18_zpszm5fdtxx.jpg

A handyman’s special! The outhouse was right out the door.

 photo 20_zpsykok1f0z.jpg

There was a sign out front that this cabin (more like a shack) was in the process of being restored.

 photo 31_zpsblvp16io.jpg

Time for breakfast.

 photo 21_zps6n7te9in.jpg

Donna wanted a picture of the inside, so here it is!

 photo 22_zpsbpsuj32q.jpg

The hotel had an outside seating area, but it was still a little chilly for outside dining.

 photo 23_zpstpl5ywfi.jpg

Roses were in bloom around the pool, Donna wanted this picture posted!

 photo 24_zpsmmmq1tbs.jpg

By 9 am, it was warm enough to get going.

 photo 25_zpsqylxmpxz.jpg

South on HWY 82, the moon was still visible.

 photo 26_zpskj7mo9ji.jpg

This is why….

 photo 27_zps4lsowlhc.jpg

Donna always seems to get 2 or 3 of these, but I give her credit for this one, getting the moon!

 photo 36_zpsafxc12qm.jpg

Almost to Nogales.

 photo 37_zpsobc8gjhw.jpg

Our first of many Border Patrol checkpoints for the day, on I 19. We were always waived through.

 photo 38_zpscx6mrj2y.jpg

Lots of nothing to look at on HWY 86. This was pretty much our view for the rest of the day!

 photo 30_zpsh5scamfy.jpg

We stopped for a butt break and gassed up at Three Points, a combination Chevron, Ace Hardware & grocery store. I think Donna just likes getting a picture of herself taking pictures.

 photo 40_zpsyvboovkf.jpg

You can’t see them, but there were honey bees everywhere around the pumps and I mean many. We peeled off our cold weather gear here as it was starting to get warm.

 photo 39_zpsqxiw5gpc.jpg

This was a long 100 mile stretch from Three Points to Why.

 photo 41_zpsput6mhfo.jpg

We didn’t see much other traffic. The cruise control that our friend Drake Smith put on is a real wrist saver!

 photo 42_zpsert2uijs.jpg

Gassed up at the casino / convenience store in Why. Nope, no gambling!

 photo 43_zps2kzr0a3d.jpg

Going south on HWY 85 to the Organ Pipe National Monument. It is marked on my Arizona state map as a scenic route, I’m not sure about that. The Monument has two off road loops, but I don’t take the BMW off the pavement unless absolutely necessary, so we didn’t really get to see much of the scenery.

 photo 44_zpsrx9zuepu.jpg

We rode it to the border with Mexico, the town of Lukeville.

 photo 45_zpsloc3vpnf.jpg

We did not get our usual “Kodak” moment photo, the gravel was very deep & loose, plus there was no one around to take it for us.

 photo 46_zpsuz1olkkp.jpg

There were only 2 paved pullouts in the Monument, so I didn’t take but 3 photos. The Ajo mountains.

 photo 53_zpsw2zq1sl7.jpg

Donna didn’t have to wait long this time.

 photo 54_zpsmtucptjy.jpg

Back on HWY 86 heading north. Another check point

 photo 47_zpsvsu70u18.jpg

The town of Ajo, AZ.

 photo 48_zpsdwgxcxpm.jpg

This RV park advertisement was not far from the truth…

 photo 49_zpsferyqox0.jpg

Almost as scenic as west Texas.

 photo 50_zps47vujyc0.jpg

Almost to Buckeye, the sun was setting fast. Donna’s last pic of the trip.

 photo 51_zpsr5i66vcy.jpg

Home in the dark, but I had my customary frosty adult beverage to celebrate another safe trip!

 photo DSCN1530_zpsayhimd9t.jpg

Definitely not the most scenic country to ride through, but we can say we have been to the border with Mexico at Lukeville through the Organ Pipe National Monument. Perfect weather and the BMW ran without issues, always a plus.

Donna took 262 pictures
I took 3

Total miles – 709

Total gas used – 14.11 gallons
Total spent on gas – $35.07
MPG average – 50.24

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